While we journey along our daily paths preoccupied with the trials and tribulations of life, we ignore at our peril our responsibility to remain vigilant for our country’s well-being.

I understand the distraction and prioritization of what routinely lies imminently before us in urgency of attention. However, without the protection, absent the sanctuary of our founding principles, void of the safety and security of America, we lose the privilege of the joy of those normal challenges and opportunities.

If America is vanquished, Americans’ comforts and happiness vanish too. America must survive at all costs and sacrifice. All which America has stood for as a beacon of hope since 1776 is under siege from within and without by those who possess their own motivations to destroy her. We should not require a military invasion upon our shores to recognize this reality.

I am perplexed, disappointed, amused, confused, angry and troubled by all of it. Those who promote it. Those who greet it with ambivalence. Those who ignore it. Those who spread it. Those who block our retaliatory efforts.

It is as if we live in a time unimaginable for the America of our youth. I mourn the failure of our institutions. I fear for our future.

Honor in service lies in the graveyard of greed, self-interest and evil intentions. Only by extraordinary sacrifice, momentous effort and Divine Providence will our course towards destruction be reversed.

I chose during various times of my life to yield to the path of comfort. Never again. I will man a post along the wall of liberty. We all must.