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Help fulfill our promise to Make Kentucky Great Again!


  • I am not a career politician (unlike my opponents).
  • I am a registered Republican with Libertarian and conservative views.
  • I believe our country was founded on what I call the three pillars: God, Constitution & Bill of Rights and Capitalism.
  • I have a long list of business experience and know what it’s like to meet a payroll.
  • I am feared and hated by the Republican and Democrat establishments.
  • I have gone to jail fighting for clients to receive trials.
  • I support ending Mitch McConnell’s political career.
  • I have been an ardent Trump supporter since 2015.
  • I am consistently ignored by the media because I call out their biggest donors and advertisers, I support causes and issues they are against, and they are afraid of what I might say.
  • I am tested tough: fearless and a proven fighter for the people.
  • I am not taking PAC money.
  • I will not take the governor’s salary.
  • I have published four books.
  • I have vast media, legal, business, and political experience.
  • I am a “sinner, not a saint.”
  • I’m real, I’m not self-righteous, I believe I can relate and connect to people from all walks of life.
  • I give out my personal cell phone number for texts and calls: 859-250-2527.
  • I promise open communication with you and am committed to being a servant to the people. 

All stances are underpinned by my core belief: LESS GOVERNMENT and MORE FREEDOM

  • I believe there is no America without election integrity.
  • We must require voter ID.
  • We must end mail-in ballots (absentee ballots are OK).
  • We must end ballot harvesting.
  • I oppose lengthy voting time frames.
  • We must stop illegal immigration.
  • I support building the wall.
  • I oppose critical race theory.
  • I oppose the politicization of education.
  • I support educational freedom and school choice.
  • We must protect children at school through armed, properly trained, and qualified volunteers.
  • I am in favor of medicinal cannabis .
  • I support legalizing cannabis for anyone over 21 and implementing local control the same manner we do liquor.
  • We must always fund and defend law enforcement.
  • No vax mandates ever.
  • No lockdowns ever unless it’s the “bubonic plague.”
  • I support medical freedom.
  • I support religious freedom.
  • I am pro-life and accept the exceptions of rape, incest and the life of the mother.
  • I support our right to free speech and the First Amendment.
  • I support our right to bear arms and the Second Amendment.
  • I oppose red flag laws.
  • I support our right of trial by jury and the Seventh Amendment.
  • I support upholding the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • We must eliminate the ‘Certificate of Need’ process to increase healthcare competition.
  • We must eliminate annual property tax on autos, trucks, and boats.
  • We must eliminate the state income tax.
  • We must eliminate the death tax.
  • I am calling for major tax reform with sales tax focus.
  • I am calling for massive court reform including more judges for faster justice.
  • There should not be a mandatory bar association.
  • I am calling for massive prison reform including lighter non-violent sentences, a cap of 25 years on any sentence (no more life) and more death penalties.
  • We must enact harsher penalties for those who harm children.
  • We must end the opioid epidemic.
  • I am against self-promotion at the taxpayers’ expense. No more signs with the Governor’s name on it.
  • I support true pension resolution.
  • We must ban foreign ownership of Kentucky land.
  • We must protect female sports.
  • I support the production, sale, use of hemp.
  • I support the Kentucky Farm Bureau Agriculture platform.
  • I support sports gaming.
  • I support casino gaming.
  • I’m against sexualization of children in the classroom.
  • I support the reform of child protective services.
  • I support veterans.
  • I support first responders.
  • I support community banking. We need more of this.
  • I support small business, family business and medium business.
  • I’m against corporate welfare for Wall Street Companies.
  • I want to end subrogation law.
  • I support workers compensation reform.
  • I support that Eastern Kentucky deserves their proper share of state coal and tourism dollars.
  • I support the bourbon industry.
  • I support the coal industry.
  • I support all rational energy options.
  • I support all workers, including union workers.
  • I support the horse industry. (I grew up and worked on thoroughbred/cattle farm).
  • I support the tourism industry.
  • I support childcare operators.
  • I’m against student loan forgiveness but support terms adjustment.
  • I support our driver’s license renewal be returned to the counties.
  • It’s past time for Northern Kentucky to have a governor and no longer be ignored.
  • We should stand for the National Anthem.
  • We should kneel in prayer.
  • Why have our Kentucky U.S. Senators and Congressmen not better cared for our flood and tornado victims.
  • Our children should recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • We need competition and open markets to drive down medical care and prescription drugs.
  • We need to properly fund police, first responders, fire personnel, emergency personnel, correctional officers and teachers.
  • We must protect those in nursing home communities and treat families with dignity.
  • We must not restrict access to our state parks.
  • We must truly solve the state pension issue. I like reminding everyone that long ago our state legislature “gave away the form” with 20-year retirements.
  • Their legislative malpractice created this mess. I’m reviewing solutions. My opponents ignore this issue.
  • I support recovery programs, including affordable housing and jobs.
  • This list will be updated.


  • Education
    1. Covington Latin High School, graduated at age 15
    2. Thomas More University, graduated at age 19
    3. Chase Law School, graduated at age 21
  • Legal Career
  1. Tried over 100 trials
  2. Given the nickname “Bulldog” for fighting for clients
  3. Retired Lawyer/Manager Deters Law
  4. Review for the most incredible law story in American history I was part of.
  • Author
    1. Butcher of Pakistan
    2. Saving Grace
    3. Pioneer Spirit
    4. Willie: Radio’s Great American
  • Media
    1. Radio talk show host – 700 WLW, Realtalk 1160, Class X Radio
    2. Bulldog Show- My Daily Show
    3. www.ericdeters.comOur conservative/Pro-Trump news repository.
    4. Eric Deters Show/Local News
    5. Owner of Eric Deters Media
  • Republican Career
    1. 1988-1992 Kenton County Republican Chairman (24 Years Old)
    2. 1990-1992 Fourth Congressional District Chairman
    3. Fourth District Chairman, Larry Forgy for Governor 1991
    4. Chairman, Northern Kentucky for Trump 2016
  • Business Experience
    1. Shareholder, Director & Officer for The Deters Company (convenience stores, restaurants, and real estate)
    2. Left company in 2020
    3. Various businesses- some successful, some failed
  • Causes
    1. “The little guy” v. “the man” every day
    2. Local jail battle – charged no fee
    3. Healthcare workers against the mandate – charged no fee
    4. Durrani victims – went to jail fighting for my clients
  • Only Republican candidate to…
    1. Defend Trump Since 2015
    2. Support Trump Every Day
    3. Openly states that Mitch McConnell must go
    4. Openly states that January 6 hearings and “committee” are a one-sided political stunt
    5. Openly states that the election was stolen via ballot harvesting, mail-in ballots, lies about Russia, and suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop.
  • I am a proven fighter. Here’s a list of who I have fought for:
    1. Injured
    2. Wronged
    3. Employees
    4. Women
    5. Blacks
    6. Victims of bullies
    7. Those defamed
    8. Kenton County jail battle
    9. Durrani victims
    10. Healthcare workers
    11. All workers
    12. Those without a voice
    13. The poor and middle class
    14. Truckers
    15. Waiters/Waitresses
    16. Loans/Gifts
    17. Free legal work
    18. Veterans
    19. Construction workers
  • I am fearless. Here’s a list of who I have battled:
    1. Largest law firms in Kentucky & Ohio
    2. KBA/Bar Counsel
    3. Ohio Courts/Bar Counsel
    4. Kentucky & Ohio largest employers
    5. All the media – Kentucky & Ohio
    6. Slanders and libels from enemies
    7. Republican establishment
    8. Democrat establishment
  • I am well-rounded and experienced. Here’s what I bring to the table as your next governor:
    1. Farm boy background.
    2. Raised on tobacco/horse/cattle farm – worked on farm until I was 20 years old; raised own tobacco crop with my brother, Jed.
    3. Incredible education.
    4. Vast knowledge of history and politics – constant reading, watching, and listening of history.
    5. Vast media experience.
    6. Vast political experience.
    7. Vast legal experience.
    8. Vast business experience.
    9. Study and practice of martial arts.
    10. Libertarian and conservative views.
    11. Lover of music, movies, and books.
    12. I have read a massive biography collection.
    13. Student of current events.
    14. Published a newspaper.
    15. Coached my children’s youth sports for nearly a decade.
    16. Never missed one of my children’s events.
    17. Played competitive full contact flag football until I was 44 as a quarterback (finished Second in Ohio and in country).
    18. Played recreational basketball and softball for decades.
    19. Health nut. I lift weights, run, walk, swim, and bike; I practice martial arts, eat well, and take more vitamins than most.
    20. Well-balanced workaholic who lives on naps.
    21. Hobby: guns and target shooting.
    22. I believe I can relate and connect to people from all walks of life; I am a “sinner, not a saint”; I’m real; I’m not self-righteous; I abhor snobs and mean people.
    23. No one outworks me!
    24. No one out communicates me!


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