Eric Deters Candidate For Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District

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1. He endorsed Ron DeSantis, a slap in the face to Trump. 2. He voted to increase the debt ceiling to four more trillion. 3. He voted against fining Adam Schiff $16 million.
4. He has not supported President Trump.
5. He voted against the border wall.
6. He supported the 2020 election certification.
7. He supported the harsh crackdown on January 6 protesters.
8. He has falsely accused me of being a “racist” and “homophobe.”
9. He is a member of an organization which has the young boys call Massie and other male adults – “Dad.”
10. He wants state legislature to choose U.S. Senators.
11. He defends and supports Mitch McConnell.
12. He attacked Devin Nunes work against the Trump haters.
13. He has kept his house in Lewis County “under construction” for over a decade so he does not have to pay the proper property taxes.
14. He has never done squat for the District.
15. He is the leader of the “Massie Nasties” some of the most despicable nasty human beings ever.
16. He confessed to a campaign staffer he is tormented he can’t ever be with Rand Paul who he loves so much. He broke down crying.
17. He put himself first when he attacked Daniel Cameron for attending Patriot’s Day Freedom Fest.
18. He snubbed me repeatedly including ignoring invitations to speak at the 2021/2022 Freedom Fest.
19. Trump called him a “third rate grandstander” where he caused a needless voice vote on Covid relief.
20. He’s a smart aleck who thinks he is the “smartest in the room.” He is far from it.
21. He has lied about his business background and financial success.
22. He held a massive fundraiser with John Boehner as his guest for his first campaign and then voted against him as Speaker. (Like endorsing DeSantis after Trump endorsed him in 2020).
23. All legislation he attaches his name to is either a “given” or “no chance.”
24. He does not fight for PEOPLE.
25. He has done nothing to put Biden “out to pasture.”
26. He did nothing to help his district’s healthcare workers.
27. He voted against censorship of Talib.
28. He voted against the expulsion of Santos.
29. He voted for Kevin McCarthy’s Budget Deal.
30. He voted “NO” on Israels right to exist/only Massie.
My background, talent, education, and my media, law and business experience make me a formidable opponent for Thomas Massie and I would make a better representative for the Fourth Congressional District of Kentucky.

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