Despite viewing countless hours of television news in my adult life, a few segments burned into my brain’s memory bank. Years and years ago, James Baker, former Chief of Staff, Treasury Secretary and Secretary of State, admitted every U.S. national interest in foreign policy relative to the Middle East in the second half of the 21st century and now 22nd Century involves ENERGY. Someone finally admitted it. I’m fine with it.

The U.S. needs energy. The fact we obtained energy independence under Trump was a remarkable economic and national security achievement. As soon as he took office, Joe Biden reversed the entire Trump energy policies. This is a fact.

For an administration to choose energy dependence on the Middle East, Russia and possibly Venezuela is a national disgrace.

Obama even announced his plans to bankrupt coal. Hillary the same. From Trump’s policies on drilling, production and pipelines, to Biden’s immediate cutting off access to Anwar, leases, drilling, Keystone, regulations and on and on is crippling to our economy and our national security.

The recent hyperinflation on gasoline and fuel caused by all of Biden’s energy policy malpractice, his spending and his regulations proves his folly. In a classic career political hack gangster move, Biden blames the Ukraine invasion. No one is buying it.

Who is suffering most? The working man and woman and businesses. The constituency the Democrats always claim to care about “the working man and woman” are now living paycheck to paycheck like never before.

Biden leveled a political Munchausen on America, except he has no cure.

It makes me so angry at everyone responsible for giving this country Joe Biden and his disgraceful evil policies on energy and every other issue he obliterates with his intentional chaos and destruction. What is past is prologue, and everyone should have seen this coming.

I left out of my Mar A Lago trip video unintentionally a comment Trump made at dinner. Trump said he did not realize how important who the President was until after he was no longer President and Joe Biden began his destructive policies.

Focusing just on energy in this article, Biden’s policies are indefensible and we are all paying a heavy price both in national security and economics.