• Less Government. More Freedom.

    This is not just a slogan.  On any issue, you can trust this will be a guiding maxim.

  • Sanctity of Life

    Life begins at conception. Abortion, at any stage, is murder.

  • Education

    Kentucky children deserve the best in public education. To achieve this, we need to redefine the educator’s role in a child’s life. For too long teachers have been filling the roles of educator and nurse while being crippled with documentation and paperwork on a daily basis. It is not the state’s responsibility to raise our children. Teachers should teach, Parents should parent.

    Kentucky is going to get back to teaching the ABCs and 123s. We will teach true and accurate American History, not a CRT infused Marxist agenda, which teaches our children that their skin color defines them. Our children will thrive in environments where the teachers help them to master the fundamental building blocks of a successful educational journey, on which they will be able to advance confidently and will progress on to the advanced skills needed to achieve in a high tech, competitive world.

    As Governor, I will ensure our schools invest in their teachers; great teachers, who put the interests of our children before their own. We will not enable teacher’s unions, school boards or site based councils to push woke ideology while masking our kids and trying to shut down schools at every opportunity. The abuses in the system are glaring; concealing curriculum from parents, spying on them and labeling them as terrorists, will never occur in the state of Kentucky under my Governorship.

    Kentucky will manage the statewide education budget responsibly, by not wastefully funding the Kentucky Department of Education or over spending on classroom resources. Rather, we will reassess the budget and invest in people, not chrome books. Currently, over 50% of Kentucky’s state budget of $42B is spent on education. Kentucky’s tax dollars will support a state education that will no longer be ranked 46th in the country, and our standards of excellence will be raised. As your next Governor of Kentucky, I promise to protect your children from indoctrination and to pave the path toward an educational platform of which Kentuckians can be proud.

  • Cannabis

    The cannabis industry and its subsidiaries have experienced tremendous growth in our country. Over the last couple of years, cannabis has witnessed a paradigm shift in the public’s perception. Support in favor of marijuana legalization scaled to all time new heights in 2017 when the results of “Gallup Polls” demonstrated a swing of about 64% on “Yes”. We are now assessing numbers as high as 85% in support of medical marijuana and 75% in support of full legalization. This marijuana issue has been battled, and the ship has sailed. It is time for Kentucky to reap the financial benefits of this industry, for Kentuckians to have less government in their lives and for the state to focus on the real drug issue concerning Kentuckians, including heroin, opioid, and fentanyl.

    Kentucky doesn’t have a marijuana problem, Kentucky has a narcotics problem. Which is why, as Governor of Kentucky, I will focus on battling the trafficking of these highly addictive and lethal drugs. I will direct resources to prevent the drug cartels, through a disgraceful open southern border, from raging an addiction war on our state. Kentucky will not fall victim to these drug cartels on my watch.

    When I am Governor of Kentucky, I will support the full legalization of marijuana, medicinal and recreational, for ages twenty one and older. Individual counties should have the authority to determine the extent to which this legalization applies to their communities (including opting out). We will issue licenses in the same manner alcohol licenses are issued in each county.

  • Back the Blue

    As Governor of Kentucky, I will do everything in my power to stop the terrible attack on our brave men and women of service under the guise of “Defund the Police.” The evidence is clear: this movement has directly increased violent crime across the country and has worsened the victimization of innocent people in low income communities. As Governor of Kentucky, I will honor these brave citizens, who risk their lives daily and whose families make the ultimate sacrifice.

    Kentucky needs the very best police officers; men and women who will excel in their fields, perform at the highest levels of integrity and protect our citizens at all costs. We will achieve this by fully funding the police and investing in tools and training to ensure exemplary recruitment, job performance, retention and leadership. It is crucial to operate under a system of Law and Order. I will never allow the stability and safety of Kentuckians to fall to the sinister agenda of the liberal left. As your Governor, I will keep Kentucky safe by backing the blue.

  • Vaccine and COVID Mandates

    I think it is immoral and unacceptable for the government, local or corporate businesses and especially schools, to implement mask and vaccine mandates.

    We have readily available multiple COVID 19 vaccine options, free to anyone who wants it. There are vaccine clinics everywhere in Kentucky; all pharmacies have free doses available, universally, to every Kentuckian. As a matter of personal choice, each Kentuckian has the opportunity to be vaccinated, if they so wish. However, our government officials, corporations and schools do NOT have a right to impose medical mandates, reflecting their own choices, onto free Kentuckians.

    I am adamantly opposed to mandates of any kind, particularly those which impede the ability of Kentuckians to pursue their livelihoods, education and their ability to earn a living. As your Governor, I will actively work to ban vaccine, mask and lockdown mandates across the state.

    Deters Law, the Law Firm I manage, is the only law firm that filed a federal lawsuit trying to stop the mandates on healthcare workers in Kentucky. We lost the issue by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling 5 to 4 against healthcare workers (not our case, but same issue). But, we tried for no charge or attorney’s fees.

    As Governor of Kentucky, I will implement a “Less Government, More Freedom” approach to the freedoms of all Kentuckians, and I will always trust each and every one of you to make the decisions you see best fit for yourselves and your families.

  • Election Integrity

    The previous two election cycles (2016 and 2020) have been argued by both Democrats and Republicans as being illegitimate, or stolen. Disputed elections are not the path forward to preserving our democracy or instilling honesty, transparency and faith within our voting systems.

    With the recent audits coming from multiple states around the country, we now know that there were enough discrepancies to potentially change the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election. These inconsistencies must be addressed immediately, or our efforts to protect the U.S. Constitution and protect freedom will fail.

    First, Voter I.D. is a non-negotiable requirement for every voter. Kentucky deserves fair elections and the most fair approach is for every eligible Kentucky voter to cast one vote. The mainstream legacy media continues to push a false narrative, stating that Voter I.D. is unpopular; however, the mainstream media lies. The truth is that Voter I.D. is wildly popular among American voters, nationwide. Leftist progressives push this agenda because it enables them to run and participate in fraudulent elections. As Governor of Kentucky, I refuse to disenfranchise you.

    Second, we must require pre—printed paper ballots. We will not print ballots on site at polling locations, which would increase the likelihood of individuals casting multiple ballots. We should remove all electronic equipment which utilize ballot counting software. If it has software, it is penetrable and exposed to a hacking risk. We should never allow our elections to have a vulnerability such as this, which is why Kentucky should invest in the personnel and resources we need for a proper, in person, ballot count. All ballots should be hand-counted by voters from that neighborhood precinct BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight.

    Third, I will push for regular, highly accurate audits of the results to ensure accuracy and to establish credibility and transparency within our voting process. Elections have consequences, as is evident by our current political climate, and as your Governor, I will lead a secure and honest voting process, which will preserve the power for and by the people for generations to come.

  • Religious Freedom

    During the Kentucky COVID lockdowns, Kentuckians experienced government interference within their freedom to worship where, when and how they choose. Our religious institutions were forced to close, and in some cases, license plate numbers were gathered in parking lots, as a measure to prosecute the citizens participating in religious gatherings. This extreme government overreach should never happen again. I will guarantee every Kentuckian’s freedom to worship however they choose, and no government official will interfere with that right. As Governor of Kentucky, I will work with legislators to pass a law forbidding this level of government overreach from ever happening again.

  • Cancel Culture and Censorship

    Our country is living during a time where free speech is succumbing to a politically correct agenda, controlled by progressives, big tech and the media. Not only are the fears of a dystopic, big brother society coming to fruition, but our fundamental and most basic and coveted right is slipping from our grasp. The alliance between cancel culture, big tech, higher education and government has hijacked our freedom of speech and thought. As Governor of Kentucky, I will lead the fight against this oppression, and any publicly funded institution, including public schools, in the state of Kentucky that engages in censorship or limiting freedom of speech, beyond the traditional boundaries of inciting violence, etc. will be subject to a withholding of state shared revenue and state grants. Kentucky taxpayers will not fund the erosion of their First Amendment. Additionally, any businesses or companies that partake in this cancel culture will not be eligible for tax breaks or incentives. Kentucky will not fall victim to a woke corporate governance.

    I have personally fought this issue on several fronts, including suing Facebook, with plans to sue Twitter and YouTube based on how the Facebook case moves forward. I believe social media is now such an integral part of our communications and life experience, big tech should not be allowed to claim, “we are a private organization and can do as we please.”

  • Second Amendment

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    As Governor, I will support legislation put forth to limit government control over our second amendment rights. Simply put, I believe the second amendment is clear and concise and was meant to be a simple message to the American people that their government has limited control over their rights to defend themselves.

    It is the right of every American citizen to bear arms and defend its country against all invaders or enemies, foreign and domestic, as well as to stand as the last wall of protection to fend off any tyrannical government that may find its way into power over these united states.

    Currently, 113 out of 120 counties in Kentucky have passed a resolution supporting the second amendment sanctuary movement, with a general focus on limiting the government’s control over Kentucky’s gun rights. As Governor of Kentucky, I will advocate for establishing a statewide second amendment sanctuary status. It is time to send a clear message to Washington that Kentucky will always be able to defend itself.

  • Certificate of Need

    Many Kentuckians are recognizing that the outmoded practice of requiring a proposed medical facility to complete the Certificate of Need process limits competition and often needed local coverage of health care facilities. Numerous reports have shown that these Certificate of Need laws, should be reexamined, or outright eliminated.

    As governor I will support legislation to abolish the Certificate of Need laws both for Kentucky and any influence, we can garner on the national stage to move from these laws nationally. We need to track and show the success of Kentucky to be a leader in regional healthcare and serve the communities of Kentucky with world class local care.

    We need move Kentucky into a new era, to attract the best medical professionals and promote healthy competition statewide. It is time to get government out of our healthcare system and let it flourish in the competitive market and allow Kentucky communities build the medical care facilities they need locally to serve their communities.

  • Eliminate Annual Property Tax On Autos, Trucks, Boats

    This will help Kentucky families and businesses; it is something many Kentuckians agree on, regardless of political affiliation, age, sex or race. When you purchase an automobile, truck or boat (new or used), you pay sales tax. In addition, the price of gasoline at the pump includes tax. Rising prices in the used car and truck market will drive up car and truck valuations. The vehicle tax is a burden, as it’s an additional expense to vehicle intensive businesses and to every Kentuckian who owns a car or truck. Aside from paying sales upon purchase of the vehicle and tax on the gasoline they use, Kentuckians also have payments for the vehicle itself, insurance payments, and maintenance. As your Governor, I would support legislation to reduce the tax burden on hard working Kentuckians.

  • Ban Foreign Ownership Of Agriculture Land In Kentucky

    I support the Kentucky legislature passing laws to ban foreign ownership of agricultural land in Kentucky similar to Mississippi, Hawaii, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. The practice presents both national security and food security concerns. Foreign ownership of agricultural land within states is a crucial issue during record high inflation and supply chain issues. As Governor of Kentucky, I will protect Kentucky’s land.


    The Fourth Amendment: “ The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    As Governor I will support legislation to block the enforcement and implementation of any so-called Red Flag Laws, and to ban the adoption of Red Flag type laws within the borders of our commonwealth.

    As a believer in the rights endowed by the and the Second Amendment, and the tenants of the 4th amendment that prohibit the government from searches and seizures without due process. I am against the concept of “Red Flag” laws. These laws will be most assuredly a vehicle for abuse by government agencies, and potentially become the dangerous nuisance that “Swatting” has become today. These laws while on the surface may sound like a good idea will be abused both by government and private individuals and will be a violation of rights. Kentucky needs to be the kind of state that sends a message to Washington that we protect the rights of our citizens and will not support government overreach.


    1. Refocus law enforcement from revenue generating traffic stops to drug details; to many “cop hrs” are spent writing tickets for farmers not wearing their seat belts or hiding behind a sign or bridge for speeding citations to generate revenue for the municipality for which they work.

    • Switch the focus to, once you get rid of the drug dealers you can go back to writing traffic tickets.
    •Switch the focus to, once you get rid of the drug dealers you can go back Instead of sitting behind a bridge and clocking speeders, park your cruiser in front of known drug dealers’ houses, places of business etc. (harass them relentlessly) (constitutionally you can’t call it that)
    •Develop a network of informants to find out when the drugs are arriving and do more busts treat the traffickers to the harshest punishment the law will allow<
    •Legalize pot, and make trafficking of anything that is not legal pot in KY the harshest penalty, open capital punishment, if there is credible proof the drugs trafficked by an individual or organization resulted in the death of a person within the borders of KY.

    2.Produce a plan to make “Certified” drug resistant counties with state incentives to drive it

    •Replace traffic revenue with drug dealers apprehended revenue
    •No OD’s for 1 year they get a bonus
    •Drive for trafficking arrests bonus for each successful prosecution
    •Driving users towards recovery programs
    •Declining recidivism (for users)
    •Bonus if No drug traffickers let go on legal/constitutional technicalities
    •Bonus if they keep certification for 5 years
    •Grants to share information with other counties (make it easy);

    3.Create volunteer programs (think neighborhood watch)

    •Educate to recognize drug trafficking and use
    •Create notification system to allow for quick response by badged authorities
    •Give grants to programs for surveillance tools, and training
    •Deputize volunteers who can pass, some sort of legal requirements
    •Work with minority communities to staff these volunteers in their own areas
    •All volunteers should be localized … they know who is supposed to be there and who is not

    4. Marketing to send a message that if you come to our state selling this poison, we will hunt you down and we people in place to do the hunting.

    •I am guessing we have Veterans who are bad asses, we need them head up drug enforcement and ensure these people are stopped.
    •I like the attitude of that Florida sheriff who appears with Desantis quite a bit
    •Find some bad ass sheriffs in KY and have them do similar marketing
    •Work with local “Elected sheriffs” to go hard after the traffickers and make sure they have resources to do it.
    •Route out any crooked cops that are turning a blind eye or aiding in the drug trade

    5. Find 5 places in the USA who have cleaned up their drug problems and find out what they do.

    •I would feed the dealers to the hogs (think fried green tomatoes) but I’m guessing there are constitutional challenges to this one. (Ok I added that one for humor) but its my attitude


    1. One acre of hemp produces as much oxygen as 25 acres of forest.
    2. Again, one acre of hemp can produce as much paper as 4 acres of trees.
    3. While hemp can be turned into paper 8 times, wood can be made into paper 3 times.
    4. Hemp grows in 4 months, wood in 20-50 years.
    5. Cannabis is a real radiation trap.
    6. Cannabis can be grown anywhere in the world and needs little water. Because it can keep insects away, it doesn’t need pesticides either.
    7. If textiles made with hemp are generalized, the pesticide industry could disappear completely
    8. The first jeans were made with hemp; even the word “KANVAS” is the name given to hemp products
    9. Hemp is also an ideal plant for containing ropes, laces, purses, shoes and hats.
    10. Reduces the effects of chemotherapy and radiation in the treatment of cannabis, AIDS and cancer; it is used in at least 250 diseases such as rheumatism, heart, epilepsy, asthma, stomach, insomnia, psychology and for spinal stiffness.
    11. The protein value of hemp seeds is very high and the two fatty acids they contain are nowhere else in nature.
    12. Hemp is even cheaper to produce than soy.
    13. Animals fed by cannabis don’t need hormonal supplements.
    14. All plastic products can be made with hemp, and hemp plastic is very easy to return to nature.
    15. If the body of a car is made of hemp, it will be 10 times stronger than steel.
    16. It can also be used to insulate buildings; it is durable, cheap and flexible.
    17. Soaps and cosmetics made with hemp do not pollute the water, so they are totally environmentally friendly.
    18. In 18th-century America, production was mandatory and farmers who didn’t produce them were jailed. But now the situation has been turned on its head. WHY?
    19. W.R. Hearst owned newspapers, magazines and media in the United States in the 1900s. They had forests and made paper. If paper was made with hemp, he could have lost millions.
    20. Rockefeller was the richest man in the world; had an oil company. Biofuel, hemp oil, was of course his biggest enemy.
    21. Mellon was one of the leading shareholders in the Dupont company and had a patent to manufacture plastics from oil products. And the cannabis industry threatened its market.
    22. Mellon later became President Hoover’s Secretary of the Treasury. Those big names we were talking about decided in their meetings that cannabis was the enemy, and they removed it. Through the media, they engraved marijuana into people’s brains as a toxic drug, along with the word marijuana.
    23. Cannabis drugs were taken off the market, replaced by the chemical drugs used today.
    24. Forests are cut down to produce paper.
    25. Plague poisoning and cancer are on the rise.
    26. And then we fill our world with plastic waste, harmful waste….