Once upon a time in Cincinnati, Ohio, our local television news stations were locally owned or at least locally controlled. Now, all four are owned and controlled by national media companies and all four are liberal woke companies. The Enquirer? Our only daily newspaper is owned and managed by the liberal woke U.S. Today.

In Northern Kentucky, we have two local news reporting companies. One, the Northern Kentucky Tribune, is non-profit, has corporate sponsors, including St. Elizabeth Healthcare, and is liberal and woke. The other, LINK, the former River City News, also has corporate sponsors, also including St. Elizabeth Healthcare, and advisors and board they are beholden to. WLW radio news is ABC liberal news. And that folks, is the state of our local news.

In summary, they are all controlled, corporate beholden, liberal and woke.

I scan all these sources every day. You know what I noticed? While they post their news stories and bend it ever so much to the left, while they promoted vax mandates, while they push the national liberal woke agenda, the comments by you under those stories reflect the complete opposite position they push. Do they even read them? Why do they stay their lost course? It’s amazing to me.

And therefore I am seizing the opportunity for Bulldog Media. We have no sponsorships. We have no advertisers. All on purpose.

We can’t be cancelled on bulldogtv.com. We are free as a bird. We are conservative, libertarian and Pro-Trump like most in the tristate.

While we cover conservative local/regional politics, while I comment on the national woke crazies, while we are about to launch our local news show, we are a lone wolf voice in the sea of woke.

This community needs our voice, our platform and our plans for the future.

Please help us by watching, listening, sharing and spreading us to all your friends and family.

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