Law should be free of villainy. Courts should be a bastion of justice.

Yet, there is no more corrupt profession and industry than the legal system. All while they all chant: “rule of law.” Who knows this? Everyone. The public opinion polls of lawyers reflects the disgust. All judges are lawyers.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of all which is wrong with the legal system:

  1. The governing bodies of the profession, the so-called Bar Associations, limit and restrict attorney free speech against the system and the Courts.
  2. The Bar Associations are controlled by the large civil defense and corporate law firms. These firms rarely suffer any professional consequences to their unethical actions. Their small and solo law firm adversaries bear the brunt discipline in slightly veiled retaliation.
  3. Litigation does not move fast enough.
  4. Judges do not decide and move fast enough.
  5. The power of the jury has been destroyed with focus on mediation, arbitration and so called “alternative dispute resolution.”
  6. Judicial campaigns from top to bottom breed bias and corruption.
  7. Law, like healthcare, has become corporate, not a profession.
  8. Law schools are doing a lousy job of training lawyers.
  9. Most lawyers are lazy and focus on money, not causes.
  10. Criminal defense lawyers frighten clients with the intent to justify higher fees.
  11. Divorce lawyers “churn” the work.
  12. Lawyers bill every fragment of an hour and are not honest in their billings.
  13. There is a great disparity in justice for large corporations compared to individuals.
  14. The profession is more concerned about lawyers “getting along” than lawyers advocating for their clients.
  15. The profession wants robots, not advocates.
  16. Lawyers “sell out” clients for their best interests over the client’s interests.
  17. Lawyers have a “caring” problem.
  18. The profession is filled with egos as they pass around countless useless awards to each other.
  19. The court and legal system is very much part of the “woke” crowd. Covid exposed it more than ever before.
  20. The law creates complicated systems which cause delay and enrich lawyers.
  21. There are so many unfair laws passed by legislatures and Congress at the behest of large law firms representing their corporate interests. Then, the lawyers make money representing those interests.
  22. The so-called Plaintiff’s attorneys (representing injured) become factories for the quick buck.
  23. There needs to be more funding for more judges.
  24. There is a competency problem in the judiciary.

I suspect nearly everyone has an awful lawyer or court experience. It’s impossible for every lawyer to be perfect. However, the profession needs an overhaul. As Governor of Kentucky, I’ll do all I can to do it in Kentucky.