On a daily basis, I receive a mixture of work emails, solicitous emails, unwelcome emails and spam. These emails are an assortment of law, politics, business and every imaginable topic and source. What do I do? How do I manage them?

First, I delete the unwelcome and spam. I then reply to all requiring a response. Most, I print for a response or delegation. I suspect my routine is typical of you.

I have a 10,000 email list composed of friends, current clients, former clients, acquaintances, frenemies and enemies. They landed on my list by request, based on law, based on politics and some, I have no clue. I know every email I send can be seen by the world.

I have chosen to utilize this list with sharing a daily message Monday through Friday. Topics will be law, politics, life, business, solicitation and personal messages. It’s called marketing.

I imagine based upon responses 95% plus do not mind and enjoy my emails. The remainder simply do as I do to unwanted emails, delete. This takes me a millisecond. After every group email a very few “scream at me” by email to remove them from my list. A few, as is their right, request removal. I comply to all requests. You can unsubscribe on Constant Contact too.

I do not want to offend anyone. It’s everyone’s prerogative to tell me to self-fornicate. When I receive an email from the Democrats from Washington, I laugh and delete it. I don’t even unsubscribe or respond with a nastygram. To each their own.

So ignore my emails. Read my emails. Delete my emails. Or tell me to remove you from the list. Let’s get the “purge” over with.

I do find it amusing that after receiving my emails over a long period of time some demand removal as if they just received the first email.

As someone immersed in law, politics, media and business, I want to communicate with those I have interacted with.

So, read me. Humor me. Delete me. Support me. Hate me. Ignore me. Unsubscribe me. I mean no offense.

I’m not a bad friend to have. I’m always willing to try to help you whether you want my emails or not. 859-250-2527. I’m grateful for your support. We can’t agree on all matters.