I have personally known and represented plenty of truckers over the years. The first thought which comes to my mind regarding truckers is I would hate to be away from home so much. I’m a home body. Also, I tire easy when I drive long distances.

I have always admired truckers for what they do.

In our “plandemic,” we learned the critical service truckers provide. From long haulers to short haulers, they take the products we need, from groceries to clothes, from air hubs and central warehouses to store shelves and our front doors. Businesses and homes need truckers.

The trucker’s convoy in Canada has brought the issue of the trucker vax mandate to the forefront. Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, in true woke fashion referred to them as a “fringe group.”

He attempted to damage their cause by vilifying them.

On the heels of what we learned from the “plandemic” trucker shortage, I find irresponsible, mean and simply wrong to vilify truckers protesting.

We all come up with original thoughts from time to time. No one has a monopoly on ideas. What struck me this week on this vax mandate issue, is why should there be a trucker vax mandate at all?

Truckers spend their days alone in a truck. If and when they have interaction with others, they could put on their mask.

Truckers have to stop and fuel up. This probably involves a credit card at a pump.

I just do not see how truckers deserve or need a vax mandate. They are critical and indispensable. Also, while there is a shortage of truckers, why do anything which will increase the shortage?

The nimrods who run this country did not learn anything from the healthcare worker mandate.