I am one of the few from day one who saw January 6 for what it was… some disorderly conduct, trespass and mild destruction of property.

What was January 6 not?

A violent insurrection
A threat to democracy
A coup
An attempt to “overthrow” an election
Trump’s doing
Reason for a special committee
A life-threatening event
Trump held a rally on January 6. He spoke to a crowd. Hundreds in the crowd walked to the Capital to protest and many went into the Capitol.

Here are more relevant facts:

  • The only person who died was an unarmed white woman and the identity of the black officer who shot her was kept secret.
  • The protestors were not armed.
  • Many were allowed in.
  • Some windows were broken.
  • Property damage was nebulous.
  • The Capitol Police failed to prepare for the protest despite notice.
  • The prosecution of participants is way over the top.
  • Trump encouraged a peaceful protest.
  • Trump supporters had a right to be upset about the election.
  • Nancy Pelosi refused to allow Kevin McCarthy’s choices led by Jim Jordan on the Committee. This is a first for these committees.
  • The January 6 Committee admitted it’s work is about Trump in 2024 and Congress in 2022.
  • The January 6 Committee allowed Cheney and Kinzinger to promote the Anti-Trump agenda.
  • The fencing, soldiers and National Guard after January 6 cost the taxpayers an exorbitant amount of money for a bogus threat.
  • The January 6 Committee focuses on Trump and hides the Pelosi/Capitol Police scandal.
  • The FBI refuses to disclose their involvement, including their relationship with one protestor who encouraged others to enter the Capitol but who has never been charged.
  • For Pelosi, Schumer & Company to only act concerned about a few Capitol police officers and not all others shot and killed in this country is comical.

On top of all these facts and I’m confident I have forgotten others as I write this off the top of my head, there is censorship for anyone who believes or discusses the facts as I know them.

Now, Mitch McConnell calls the censorship of the RNC of Cheney and Kinzinger wrong and calls January 6 a “violent Insurrection.” McConnell does not want the return of Trump.

We need to stand up to the censorship and the scam of January 6.

Republicans running for office and in the face of the liberal media and the American Communist Ten must answer the question publicly: What is your position on January 6?

As an American, a Republican and a candidate for Kentucky Governor, I declare January 6 as an event which amounted to nothing. For Congressmen to claim their lives were in danger is complete baloney.

When compared to the destruction inside the Democrat American cities in 2020 and 2021, January 6 fails to even amount to a minor “skirmish” versus the “major battles” in the war which took place in those cities. Yet, the attention and the prosecution January 6 receives versus those “battles” defies reason.

I know Trump supporters “get it.” I hope moderate and independent voters realize it too.