When Obama chose Joe Biden as his Vice President, he touted Biden’s alleged expertise in foreign affairs. Obama’s years reflected poor foreign policy decisions and results: creation of a caliphate; North Korea’s progress to go nuclear; Russia’s invasion of the Crimea and part of the Ukraine; China taking over the South China Sea; Iran’s progress to go nuclear; and more. Biden even voted against the Bin Ladin operation in Pakistan. Obama’s and Bush’s Secretary of Defense wrote a book and claimed Biden was wrong on every foreign policy issue.

Under Trump, North Korea backed off, China and Russia stopped advancing, Iran was put in their place and the caliphate was defeated.

Why would a rational voter choose to put Biden in the Presidency with his track record?

In one year, let’s look where we are:

  • China is eyeing Taiwan.
  • Russia is ready to take Ukraine.
  • North Korea is ready to go nuclear.
  • Iran is advancing towards a nuclear bomb.
  • China expands in our hemisphere. What happened to the Monroe Doctrine?
  • NATO is in a splintered Anti-Russia/Pro-Russia fix.
  • We lost energy independence.
  • Our military focuses on bogus “white supremacy.”
  • Blinken at State is milk toast weak.
  • Austin at Defense is a racist weak leader.
  • We gave up Afghanistan in a debacle.

It is an unmitigated total disaster.

I always point out a President is judged by domestic/foreign accomplishments.

Based upon this, I judged Bush 43 and Obama the #2 and #1 worst Presidents in history respectively. It is not even close what these two Presidents did on those two fronts. From the national debt, to collapse of the economic system, allowing China to advance, to the healthcare “overall,” to the middle east and all the rest.

In one year, Biden passes them both up. It’s now:

  • Biden
  • Obama
  • Bush 43

Biden is a weak leader who leads by weakness. He’s a Neville Chamberlain of our times. It’s unfathomable to think what three more years brings.