I have coined the phrase “political gangster.” It applies to no one more than Hillary Rodham Clinton. Long ago, Hillary and Bill made a pact with the devil and to each other, they would do and say anything to achieve and hold political power.

It began in college. It first revealed itself in the Rose Law Firm Arkansas days. It is legendary in its stories from deaths to extra computer servers to hammering phones to purchasing false dossiers.

It’s now on an entirely new sinister and treasonous level.

John Durham, U.S. Attorney and Special Prosecutor, has stated in court filings the Hillary campaign paid hackers to break into Trump personal and White House servers to search for the bogus Russian collusion narrative. No evidence of this Russian hoax was found after years of claiming it by all of Trump’s enemies. Imagine what they would be saying if Trump was about to allow Putin to take Ukraine?

If you do not believe my repeated assertion the ten members of the American Communist Ten walk in lock step, one of those members, the media, has ignored this Durham news. The following failed to mention it yesterday: New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS and even the Wallstreet Journal.

There are reports many are testifying before the Durham grand jury.

It’s past time Hillary Clinton, not Trump, faces criminal prosecution. Hillary has “operated” freely as a gangster without any consequences. Her tweets from 2016 reflect her boasting computer servers “prove” the Russian collusion with Trump.

Brazen. Gangster. Shameless. Criminal.

It is not just China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and radical extremists from outside our country who threaten us, we are threatened from within. While the AC10 yells Trump is a threat to our democracy, Hillary is conducting espionage and treason.