Despite producing videos espousing my political views, I want to write a daily regular column too. This is the first “issue.” I struggled with the title of this opinion piece because I wanted to capture in the title my summary point. After several misfires resulting in crumbled paper, I succeeded.

Born in 1963, I am 58 years old. Every experience anyone else in my age group experienced is also mine and shapes my views of America. I’ll use words and phrases to make my point: growing up on a farm; growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s; the Cold War; Ronald Reagan; hard work; education; sports; music; cars; comedy; movies; television; holidays; patriotism; church; and all the rest.

I coined the phrase America’s Three Pillars:

  • God
  • Constitution & Bill of Rights
  • Capitalism

    I also coined the phrase America’s Communist Ten (AC10):
  • Media
  • Social Media
  • Big Tech
  • Hollywood
  • Democratic Party
  • Academia
  • Corporate America
  • Government Swamps
  • Professional Sports
  • Music Industry

Think for a moment how all of the AC10 have attacked the Three Pillars and our views of America. It’s been a war on the America we have all known. I once produced a podcast show where I focused on improving America is not the same as destroying America. Even our America could improve.

The use of race, censorship, cancellation, government control and infringement upon our freedom has reached a frightening and never thought of level.

It leads me and others who view America like me to ask: “Is this really happening in the United States of America?”

Yes. It is. It’s unthinkable.

The next question is: Why?

Because there are Americans who want America not to be America anymore. I believe Barack Obama is the single most responsible person for where we are. He “apologized” for America. He wanted to knock America down to size. Remember Michelle Obama’s comment regarding Obama’s election being the first time she’s proud of America? Wow. Obama wanted globalism over America. Obama also fueled the race issue as a political weapon.

The American Communist Ten followed his lead. The result? What we have now.

It is NOT an improvement upon America. It is the push for the destruction of America.

What do they want in its place?

Globalism. Socialism. Communism. Government control over all.

All of this leads to a dark and scary America and world.

What do we do?

We have only one option. Fight back with all we have. Political process is the most important. They want us to “yield the field.” We must join forces with all our “teammates” as I like to call them and fight back.

Our way of life, the greatest in the world, is worth fighting for.

It’s sad we must spend the time, energy and stress doing so, but we have no choice.

Our view of America is the correct view. It’s the best of America. They are wrong. We are right. There isn’t a compromise. It’s either we win or they win.

Let’s do our part.