Legend is Cincinnatus dropped his plow in the field, led an army to save the Roman Republic, then returned to his plow. The epitome of a citizen politician.

George Washington could have been a King. He retired to Mt. Vernon. On his death bed, Napoleon bemoaned he simply could not be Washington. Napoleon seized power twice and wanted a third go of it. Leonidas of Sparta and 300 Spartans gave up their lives to simply give Greece three more days to defend against Xerxes and the Persians.

Today, career politicians would never give up their political career, much less their lives for our country.

Career politicians claim they are “public servants.” Bullshit. They serve themselves. Career politicians crave power and money, not honor. They look at ways to become wealthy, not Pericles. They want power, money and the pension.

I want to name a few names:

Nancy Pelosi
Joe Biden
Mitch McConnell
Barak Obama
Chuck Schumer
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Andy Beshear
Mike Dewine
Savannah Maddox
Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor

All, and all the rest we leave out, career politicians without any other accomplishment besides winning elections and enriching themselves while performing lousy in statesmanship both while holding office and after.

I have marveled how the voters elect these types rather than those who are not career politicians. I hope the election of Trump may have begun a movement of change. A truck driver defeating the leader of the New Jersey Senate is a good sign.

Think of the influence today of China and corporate America on career politicians. Politicians eat at the troughs filled with money, like hungry pigs devouring corn.

Power for power sake. Money for status sake. As Lord Acton famously stated: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” So it does.

America, Ohio, Kentucky, every state, every county, every city and every community should elect quality individuals with experience, skills, policy beliefs and passion to help Americans live with less government and more freedom. Selfless individuals. Not career, self-serving politicians.

My late dear friend, Larry Forgy, coined some of the best phrases. I have written down and saved all of the ones I heard. I call them Forgisms. He once said, “I stomped the grapes and others drank the wine.” Well, American citizens “stomp the grapes” and the politicians “drink the wine.” It’s time the “grape stompers” take back the country and every state from the “wine drinkers.”

I offer myself as a “grape stomper” to Kentucky voters as a new and better option for Governor than the career politicians holding the office and all the others seeking it.

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